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Call or Text  (719) 219-8569

Call or Text  (719) 219-8569

Meet Our Staff

Patty Olney
Office Manager

Patty has a Master's Degree in Communication with a Specialty in Human Relations and Criminology. Prior to the veterinary field and in younger years, Patty was a Protective Service Worker, Social Worker, Homicide Investigator and Regional Sales Manager for Progressive Insurance. She is a breeder and exhibitor of National and International Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1990. In her spare time, Patty sells real estate as a semi-retired broker of 36 years and entertains her 10 "Four Legged Furry Children."

Bethany Moone
Middle Manager

Bethany began her career in veterinary medicine in 2014 with her enrollment to Pima Medical Institute. She has worked at both a corporate clinic as well as an emergency clinic, and now has found her home here at Village Center Veterinary Care. Bethany has discovered her passion is not only to be a voice for animals, but also a voice for her fellow pet owners. She is set to complete her Bachelors in Management in 2019 and aspires to share her passion for the importance of saving our four legged loves all the while building strong client relationships. Bethany is a dedicated wife, mother, with an obsession with her own 4 dogs at home. On her days out of clinic you can find her binge watching thrillers with her husband, reading with her son, or watching Harry Potter.

Makayla Rivero
Certified Veterinary Technician

Makayla began her career in the veterinary field three years ago when she enrolled in Pima Medical Institute’s Veterinary Technician program and fell in love with this field. She has since graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree. Makayla has been a Certified Veterinary Technician since April 14th 2017 and looks forward to everything this field has to offer. She is very interested in physical therapy and hopes to one day become a veterinary physical therapist! In her spare time you can find Makayla playing with her seven year old Golden Retriever, Jett, rock climbing, or reading a great book.

Zach Hampson
Fill In Receptionist

Zack studied physics, mathematics, French, and linguistics and the University of Colorado Denver. He likes weird music and pianos. He has worked in labs that studied applications of magneto-physics and low temperature quantum devices, but his main scientific interests are in biophysics, information theory, bioinformatics, and behaviorism. Aforementioned interest in behaviorism and animals has him currently in a job as full time dog nanny watching a large herd in the forest, frequenting Village Center Veterinary Care enough that he now works there part time. He and his Rhodesian Ridgeback Ari are (slowly) working toward getting her Championship and various titles. He loves her dearly and she tolerates him well enough!

Missi Everard

Missi Graduated with a bachelors in Biology from UCCS, she also has a degree in Zookeeping Technology from PPCC and earned the title of Certified Veterinary Technician from Bel Rea. She has lived in Colorado since 2002 with her husband, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, cats, a bird, and various reptiles.

Donna L. Sage
Donna L. Sage
Fill In Receptionist

Donna is a retired classroom teacher who loves to spend time with her family, in the garden, and working on agility and nose work with her newest German Shepherd Dog, Ellie B. She also finds great pleasure in helping clients and their pets. Donna worked for Dr. Pierce for 5 years at her previous practice.