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Latest News at Village Center Vet

The National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is November 5 - 11, 2017. Considering the coming week, we would like to share some local rescues we work with here at Village Center Veterinary Care and how you can get involved with these organizations.

Many of our clients have come to us after a strong referral from rescues. Generally, they recommend us for their initial screening, spays/neuters, and wellness exams. Some of these clients have even stayed with us despite traveling for almost an hour, and we could not be more grateful for this.

We have all had our heart strings pulled at the ASPCA commercials with Sarah Mclachlan, showing the helpless animals prior to being rescued. The ASPCA is a wonderful organization with a worldwide reach, but even with their efforts there are still some homeless, hurt, and sick pets. Some are even being transferred to Colorado from other states seeking assistance from overpopulation. You may have wondered “What can I do?” or “How can I help?”. Working with the rescues on fundraising is a great start. Another option is to see if you can become an approved foster and help house some of these helpless pets. A major part of rescues is having the volunteers readily available to host adoptable dogs until they can find their forever home. Sometimes it is not the right time for you to own or adopt a pet, but there are many ways you can help still.

In addition to fostering, volunteering, and adopting from rescues, you can always consider monetary donations. The money donated goes directly into the rescue missions, transport expeditions, medical treatments, and supplies needed to support efficient buildings or the use of local, non-profit fosters. There is always a need for help as many of the rescue’s come to these organizations on the brink of death and they (the rescue) will do everything possible to give these animals life again. Many have accredited veterinarians, established policies, and take on critical animals to save them from homelessness. The following are just a few of the many local shelters that one can donate to, but all are ones we have been long established with.

2 Blondes All Breed Rescue (2BABR)

VCVC has been working with 2BABR since shortly after we opened in March 2015. 2BABR is based out of Castle Rock, Colorado. Their adoptable pets are all housed with fosters where they are cared for like family until they find their forever home. If you would like to donate they have a place on their website, under “Our Adoption Process”. Here is link for convenience:

Second Chance

Dr. Pierce and her staff has personally worked alongside Second Chance Rescue for many years, beginning prior to the opening Village Center Veterinary Care in 2015. Second Chance is based out of Lamar, Colorado. If you would like to Donate to this rescue you can go to their Facebook page and select the “Donate” tab in the right hand column. Also, here is a link to that direct page:

Ferret Dreams

Dr. Pierce has also worked with another organization called Ferret Dreams for the last 7 years, prior to opening Village Center Veterinary Care in 2015. This organization is based out of Denver and has helped more than 1,000 Ferrets since the year 2005, as stated on their website:

If you would like to donate to this exotic rescue, they have a link on their page under “Help Us Help Ferrets”. You can then choose to help with the building they have for this rescue or put the money towards the medical funding.

You can also look to our resources tab to find links to these rescues and for more information of some other recommended organizations. Thank you for all the support shown towards animal shelters, who we could not be more appreciative of their hard work saving so many helpless pets.