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Adrenal disease in Ferrets

Today I am going to address a problem that many ferret owners encounter and may be to embarrassed to ask about: the naked ferret. If your ferret holds still enough between bouts of flinging your socks out of the drawer, hiding the car keys under the couch, and hopping sideways and hissing, you may have noticed that he or she has been losing hair from the tail, over the shoulders or on the belly.   Usually this is a ferret who is otherwise acting and feeling normal. Did your pet just secretly sign up for the National Ferret Nudist Society? As it turns out hair loss in ferrets is not just a matter of modesty, it is the primary clinical sign of a common ferret malady, an adrenal tumor.

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Urinary obstruction in Ferrets

Imagine not being able to pee for an entire day.  Your bladder keeps getting more and more tight, but there is no way to relieve it.  Things would most likely be pretty painful and miserable by that evening.  Now imagine that continuing on for two more days.  That is usually about the time that people start to realize there is a problem with their middle aged male ferrets who have this issue.  At that point the ferret is collapsed, lethargic, and usually millimeters away from dying.

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