Every now and then I have a client come to me in distress because she is pregnant and she has heard that somewhat persistent myth that having a cat will cause you to lose a pregnancy. Now her mother is insisting that she has to get rid of the cat or she will lose the baby.

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Tylenol Toxicitly

Mindy the cat sat sluggishly on the end of the exam table. A few days ago she had seemed to just have a bit of a cold, but now she wasn’t eating or drinking, and she was just hiding under the bed all day. Coincidentally, Mrs. Green’s one year old son had had similar symptoms around the same time. One dose of children’s Tylenol had made him feel so much better so quickly that it seemed logical to Mrs. Green to see if it might help Mindy too. So far it didn’t seem to be working.

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Upper Respiratory infections

There is nothing like lying on the couch on a cold winter day and watching TV with your new kitten sitting on you chest and purring.  She gets up to rub her head on your chin, then she pauses for a dramatic moment, looks you right in the eye, and lets fly with a great big juicy sneeze all over your face.  The sneezes continue and for the next few days it seems like every time you see her she is having a sneezing fit. 

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