Dow Jones having teeth cleaned
Pictured here is DJ (Dow Jones), owned by Will and Michelle Savage, doing a routine dental cleaning with dental x-rays


Our goal is to make your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free when we are done, not just pretty. To that end we have Digital dental x-ray capability to identify hidden pathology and the best tools and skills to properly address that pathology when it is identified.

Because it can be difficult over the phone to guess what treatment will be needed for each mouth we offer a free dental consult and estimate. Occasionally once the pet is asleep and we can get a more thorough evaluation of the mouth we discover that the problems are more extensive than what was included on the top end of the estimate. When that is the case we will not charge you more than the top end of the estimate, but everything that needs to be done to make your pet’s mouth healthy will be done while they are asleep.

Dr. Pierce using our ultrasound to look inside the abdomen


We have complete in-house laboratory capabilities along with the ability to send samples out to a reference laboratory for more complex evaluations. Our x-ray system is a state of the art digital system that makes it easy for us to create the highest quality images and share them with specialists or e-mail them to clients. We also have a high quality ultrasound that provides an additional avenue to evaluate patients in another non-painful and non-invasive way.

Dr. Anne Pierce treating ferret, Jemma Mae
Jemma Mae the ferret, owned by David Swann, getting a microchip implanted


Dr. Pierce has a special fondness for ferrets, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and other small mammals. They aren’t just small dogs and cats and she has the extensive medical and surgical experience to help with their unique health issues. In addition to ferrets and hedgehogs, Dr. Stewart-Bates has a special interest in reptiles and provides care for all non-venomous species.

Our Fully Equiped Treatment Area

General Medicine

We are well equipped to handle most medical and trauma related problems that our pets encounter. For very complicated cases we have a good relationship with local specialists and can provide referrals when necessary.

Dr. Pierce using therapeutic laser on a 16 week old Newfoundland

Laser Therapy

We have a class IV Companion therapeutic laser, one of the newest and most exciting drug free technologies to come along to reduce pain, increase healing, and assist in the resolution of a multitude of ailments, some of which have previously been very difficult to manage any other way.

Preventative Care
Getting your pets off to a good start and keeping them healthy is our first priority.

Preventative Care

New Pet Checkups
A complete exam will help us detect any early problems at a stage where we may be able to intervene successfully. We will also talk about the schedule for routine vaccines and spay and neuter procedures. This is a great time to bring any questions you have. We want you to have all the information you need to feel confident as a new pet owner.

Annual Checkup and Vaccines
We give every pet a thorough physical exam and address all your questions and concerns. Appropriate vaccines are given based on the individual needs of each pet. We may make recommendations for diagnostics or treatments that might be appropriate to keep your pet healthy as well.

Senior Screening
As our pets age health problems can develop. We offer Laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging options based on the individual needs of each pet to give us the best chance of catching developing issues before they become catastrophic.

Dr. Brittany Shumack, DVM
Dr. Brittany Shumack, DVM


Dr. Shumack is a member of the Society for Theriogenology, and is working towards her board certification in Theriogenology. Dr Shumack was awarded the clinical proficiency in theriogenology award at Auburn University. Our entire staff is familiar to the dedication and investment that breeders put into their animals. We are here to help you have success in your breeding program, whether you are a first time breeder or have years of experience.

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Dr. Pierce preparing for surgery 


We perform a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries from routine spays and neuters to patellar luxation repairs. For the more specialized cases we work with an excellent surgeon who can come to our practice to perform the procedure, or we can refer to local specialists.

All surgeries include an anesthetic protocol designed to be the safest for your individual pet, state of the art supportive care and monitoring, and aggressive pain management before, during, and after the procedure.