What To Expect When Your Dog is Expecting

The Smiths were in with Harriet and Bosco, their two new puppies from the neighbor who had a surprise litter. They looked good and we talked about their health maintenance needs for the next year. I asked them if they were planning on spaying and neutering. “Oh, no, we won’t need to do that.” was the response. I asked them if they were intending to breed the dogs. “No, but they are brother and sister, so they won’t do THAT. Besides she doesn’t really even like him.”

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A sign has recently appeared at a local park that warns visitors that whipworm contamination has been determined to be a problem there. In spite of the fact that the sign is present in only one place, it really could be applicable to any location where lots of dogs congregate, so it is worth knowing something about whipworms in general if you take your dog out in public at all.

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