Basic husbandry for Rabbits

Rabbits are quite popular as pets. After all, who can resist those fuzzy bundles of cuteness that baby bunnies are. They all have unique personalities and they make great indoor pets. My rabbit owners are every bit as attached to their pets as my dog and cat owners are. There are some things about rabbits, however, that are quite different from dogs and cats, so if you are considering a rabbit as a pet--or if you already have one-- here are some things to keep in mind.

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Chinchilla Basics

It seems we are having a bit of a chinchilla epidemic sweeping through the employees at our hospital. We started with one employee that raised them, but now we have three addicted to the furry little beasts. Once you touch one it isn’t hard to tell why these gentle rodents are such good pets.

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Head Tilt in Rabbits and Rodents

The rabbit in front of me looked fairly normal with the exception that she kept her head cocked to one side as if she were listening for voices that only a rabbit could hear emanating from the surface of the exam table. “She’s been otherwise acting pretty normal, eating and drinking and so on, she just doesn’t seem to want to move around as much and she always has her head tipped like that.” said her owner.

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Overgrown Teeth

Mr. Jarvis had Flopsy, the rabbit he had gotten for the kids at the state fair a few months ago, on the table.  She had seemed fine at first, but now se seemed to be losing weight and she had a swelling on her upper lip just to the left of her nose.  Every time he looked she was at the food dish and seemed to be eating continuously, so it didn’t make sense that she was losing weight.

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