Vaccine Reactions

Vaccinations are a big part of the veterinary care we get for our pets.   Because of the creation of safe and reliable vaccines we can be confident that if we vaccinate our pets appropriately there is almost no reason that we should have to suffer from canine distemper, parvo, feline panleukepenia (also known as feline distemper), rabies, and many other diseases that used to cause severe illness and frequent death in many pets while we veterinarians could only stand helplessly by, offering supportive care and hoping for the best.

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Waiting Room Behavior

Today is Pollyanna’s day for her annual trip to the veterinarian. She is one of those exuberantly happy Golden Retrievers who is so busy being thrilled with everything that she doesn’t even notice that the vet’s office is a scary place. Pollyanna has never met a person or an animal she doesn’t instantly love, and knowing her sweet nature her owner feels that it would be unnecessary and unkind to restrain her joyful spirit in any way. He always brings her in without a leash an lets her make the rounds while he checks in and picks up medications and food at the front desk.

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What Happens When You Don't Spay

Sofie, a sweet 7 year old cocker spaniel, stood on the treatment table shivering. She had developed a very large, ulcerated, painful mass on her belly in the past few months and now it was starting to drip bloody fluid continually. Only after putting her on the scale did they realize that she had lost almost half her body weight over the past year. The situation was grim. The mass was clearly breast cancer, and it looked likely to be a very aggressive form. Surgically removing the mass would cost hundreds of dollars but would buy her some time to be more comfortable. Unfortunately it would be a miracle if the cancer had not spread all over her body, likely giving her less than a few months to live no matter how aggressively we treated her.

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Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

At this time in this country most people buy into the idea that responsible pet ownership involves spaying and neutering and that their pets will life happier and healthier lives because of it. Rarely do I have to bring out the sales pitch to convince cat owners of this. For those undecided few it usually takes but a small amount of tomcat urine sprayed on the speakers or a single night with a female cat in heat to convince them that surgical alteration is the way to go. Dog owners, on the other hand, hold on to some persistent myths and sometimes need a little more coaxing.

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