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Kennel Cough

I saw the reason for the visit on the schedule as I was preparing for my afternoon appointments, "Has something stuck in his throat", and I was pretty sure I knew what I would find when I went in the room.  At 2:30 Mr. Olsen arrived with "Boomer" and even though I was in the back of the hospital working with a patient I knew which appointment had just arrived because of all the hacking and honking from Boomer that was reverberating through the building.

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Recently there has been a lot of interest generated in this area about a disease known as leptospirosis.  Many area veterinary clinics are strongly recommending vaccination of all dogs against "lepto" and many area boarding facilities and doggie day cares have begun recommending the same.  So what is this disease and should you get your dog vaccinated against yet another thing?

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Luxating Patellas

Mr. Jones seemed a little chagrinned in the exam room.  His new Yorkshire Terrier puppy was happily wandering around on the floor sniffing the corners of the table then jumping up for attention as if it was just another day at the office.  Not twenty minutes before Mr. Jones had called for an emergency appointment  because something had happened to her right hind leg and she was unable to use it at all.  When he called he was pretty sure she had broken something, and now here she was walking around without any problems at all.  It is amazing how something so small can make you feel like such a big idiot.

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Mushroom Toxicity

Monsoon season has arrived right on schedule this year.  As I listen to the rain coming down outside the window I can’t help but wonder what crop of mushrooms is going to pop up in my yard tomorrow as a result.  It is amazing how a previously completely clear area can sprout clumps of large mushrooms overnight, or even from the morning to the evening. 

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Nail Trimming

At our hospital we charge $23 for nail trims. Reactions to that price vary from outright disbelief at how high the cost is to people who feel it is a bargain at twice the price. The reason we insist on being compensated to some degree is that nail trims are a non-medical procedure that could be done elsewhere. In order to get a patient’s nails trimmed I have to pull two technicians off of whatever work they are doing--say getting a patient prepped for surgery or administering treatments to hospitalized animals--and ask them to spend 15 minutes wrestling with an animal who is more likely than not going to kick and thrash and spray anal gland material all over them and try to bite them. I hate unnecessarily traumatizing both animals and staff over such a simple procedure that could be done by owners with a little patience and training.

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