Dow Jones having teeth cleaned
Pictured here is DJ (Dow Jones), owned by Will and Michelle Savage, doing a routine dental cleaning with dental x-rays


Our goal is to make your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free when we are done, not just pretty. To that end we have Digital dental x-ray capability to identify hidden pathology and the best tools and skills to properly address that pathology when it is identified.

Because it can be difficult over the phone to guess what treatment will be needed for each mouth we offer a free dental consult and estimate. Occasionally once the pet is asleep and we can get a more thorough evaluation of the mouth we discover that the problems are more extensive than what was included on the top end of the estimate. When that is the case we will not charge you more than the top end of the estimate, but everything that needs to be done to make your pet’s mouth healthy will be done while they are asleep.